Featured Player!

Calling all Jack’s Journey citizens! Are you a helpful, kind, and friendly explorer? YOU could win FEATURED PLAYER! Imagine being FEATURED on the Jack’s Journey blog for an ENTIRE MONTH and winning 10,000 FREE Coins and an EXCLUSIVE reward? Continue being that supportive player because YOU could win FEATURED PLAYER!

Featured Player

The best way to win Featured Player is to be helpful, kind, and friendly on the island! If you see a new citizen, why not show them around? All citizens should always follow the Jack’s Journey code of conduct, if you ever see a bad player, always report them to a moderator! You rock!! Good luck, explorers.



  • samfay

    Awesome new rules and good luck everyone 😀

    • Snowy

      Good luck to you too, Samfay! 😀

  • Quinn

    I wish moderators could win as Snowy really deserves it!

    • Snowy

      Aww! Thank you so much, Quinn! Good luck with Featured Player and I wish you all the best! 😀

      • Quinn

        Thanks 🙂

        • Luke

          You’re definitely one of the top runners for next month! 🙂

  • Aata

    Sounds fun.

    • Snowy

      We are glad to hear that! 😀